BBE T2 High Definition Sound Technology

BBE T2 is a High Definition Sound technology for voice communications that dramatically improves clarity and voice intelligibility.

Recommended Application:

  • Telecom – Mobile, Cordless, Office/PBX/VoIP Systems, Intercom Systems

Primary Benefits to Consumers:

  • Dramatically improves voice clarity and intelligibility in any environment
  • Reduces listener fatigue, enhancing overall comfort

Primary Benefits to Manufacturers:

  • Superior audio quality with the trusted BBE brand name
  • Low MIPS and BQ required, minimal DSP demand
  • Responsive technical support accelerates development time

Primary Benefits to Service Provider:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased talk time
  • Improved call quality ratings and accolades

Functional Overview:

BBE T2 employs a phone-specific High Definition Sound algorithm that restores the clarity and intelligibilityto telephonic communication. The unique attributes of BBE T2 process bring clarity to consonants such as “b” and “t”, and can help the listener hear the faint emotional inflections that are often lost in telecom communications.

The BBE T2 process enables the telephone’s speaker to reproduce the sound transients and harmonics in the correct order, with a more balanced and natural frequency response. With i˙ts low MIPS/BQ requirements, BBE T2 efficiently brings natural clarity to dialog, without excess equalization or added noise.

BBE T2 gives service providers and phone manufacturers an essential business advantage through increased talk time and call quality ratings, backed by the powerful BBE brand trusted by sound and music professionals