John McLaren

John C. McLaren Chairman and CEO John McLaren has been a leader in the musical instrument industry for over forty years. Having headed Yamaha's musical instrument division for 16 years, McLaren then became president of CBS's music division which manufactured legendary instruments such as Steinway pianos and Fender guitars. He has held several prestigious industry offices and has testified before U.S. Congressional Committees on music and music education. McLaren was educated at St. Bede's College in Manchester, England, has a BA in English Literature and an MBA from Pepperdine University, and is a founding member of the Board of Visitors of Pepperdine University's School of Business and Management. An accomplished musician with a sophisticated ear, McLaren keeps his musical skills sharp by playing piano nearly every day.

David McLaren
David C. McLaren Executive Vice President David McLaren brings a unique combination of entrepreneurial, marketing and operational acumen, as well as a lifetime of musicianship to his operational leadership of BBE Sound's three divisions: Audio Technology Licensing, Pro Audio Products, and G&L Musical Instruments. Prior to joining BBE Sound in 1993, McLaren co-founded Kupono, a recreational goods manufacturer. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the USC School of Business and an MBA degree from Pepperdine University. McLaren has played guitar since he was thirteen years old, and is currently teaching his son how to play as well.
Paul Gagon
Paul Gagon

Vice President Technology Paul Gagon is a well-respected electronics engineer with over thirty years in the music and sound industry. Gagon has designed nearly all the BBE pro audio products currently sold in over 50 countries and is heavily involved in the ongoing development of the company's audio licensing technologies. Prior to joining BBE Sound in 1991, Gagon designed instrument preamps, electromagnetic pick-ups, amps, pedals, and other music products for the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and Charvel Jackson Guitars. Gagon holds several patents through his work at Fender, and currently possesses 7 patents for his work on BBE audio technologies. He holds an electrical engineering degree through the Capital Radio Engineering Institute, but his real training started as a small child when he designed and built electronic test equipment, guitar amps and other music related electronics in his father's workshop. Gagon is also a gifted guitarist who has played professionally, on and off, for over 25 years.