Sonic Stomp Demonstration

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Sonic Stomp Demo - Ultra Clean Tones

Guitar Player magazine said the Sonic Maximizer " the closest thing to a magic black box. A top contender for biggest bang for the buck." Dan Donegan calls it his "secret weapon" and Scott Ian said "it's like being punched in the face by a giant." Legions of players know the Sonic Maximizer, and the pedal version, the Sonic Stomp, are devastating when it comes to massive, high-gain tones.

What many players haven't discovered is just how sweet the Sonic Stomp is for clean tones. Today we're going to show you a melodic clean passage using a G&L Legacy through a vintage Fender Deluxe amp. No doubt this is a recipe for delicious and harmonically complex tone, courtesy of some of Leo Fender's greatest designs. Now you'll experience just how the Sonic Stomp reveals so much more of what these two great companions can offer.

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