Pick The Band™

Going on through Nov. 14

Far too often, new and upcoming artists are selected and supported by “suits” with agendas built around the almighty dollar, not the music.

Not anymore.

Pick the Band™ is the first totally online record label run by the fans for the fans. Created as an alternative to the traditional method of signing and promoting bands, Pick the Band is dedicated to preserving the relationship created by the fans and the artists they love by allowing the fans to have a say in how the artist is promoted and marketed. This offers both creative freedoms for the artists as well as the ultimate music experience for the fans.

And going on now through November 14th, fans can win The Ultimate Gear Giveaway simply for voting! The winning fan will receive a stellar prize pack that includes BBE products. Full prize pack includes.

  • 4 QSC 1000w K Series powered monitors and covers
  • 2 G&L Tribute Series guitars or one G&L Tribute Series bass and one Tribute Series guitar
  • 6 BBE Sound effects pedals
  • 1 On-Stage Stands Band Package – including 8 mic stands and much more
So if you’re a fan, sign up and start voting at www.PickTheBand.com – the more times you vote, the more chances you have to win. And if you’re a musician, make sure you register your band too. Because we agree that the power should be put in the hands of those who know best, the fans.