Crusher Demonstration

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The Crusher on Full Attack

When you need a distortion pedal that sounds massive, not like an angry bee, call in the Crusher. As the name suggests, the Crusher is capable of face-melting distortion, but it's tight and musical too. In fact, used at moderate gain settings you can really hear the character that makes this such a versatile distortion pedal. A straight-ahead passive 3-band EQ gives it a feel just like you're dialing in a nice tube amp, a kind of interactive element that makes you want to experiment and find more tones. As with other BBE pedals, the Crusher is built like a tank, with a mil-spec circuit board, big, fat signal traces to let the tone flow, 1% metal-film resistors and of course, true hardwire bypass.

In this demo we're going for a really chunky yet searing tone, with the gain dimed but the mids and highs dialed back. We've got a Gibson Les Paul Standard going into the Crusher and on to a really nice '78 Marshall JMP amp.

But wait, there's more! BBE VP Engineering, Paul Gagon, shares the backstory about the Crusher. If you want to know why the Crusher is such a killer distortion pedal, you won't want to miss this installment of Tech Session with Paul Gagon.

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