Buffalo Kokuyo Features BBE

Leading Japan Retailer Buffalo Kokuyo
Launches Product and Marketing Program
Featuring BBE High Definition Sound Technologies

Buffalo is a major Japanese retailer which created the Buffalo brand of consumer electronics and networking products sold throughout Japan, the US and other countries. Buffalo management realized that they could bring added value to their step-up consumer audio products by offering improved sound quality. They also understood that "sound features" were not enough, because as a retailer they understand that every brand has its own features, and consumers generally disregard them.


To create real value for their products, Buffalo wanted superior audio quality and a valuable marketing message that consumers would appreciate. BBE is the answer.

Only BBE has independent credibility which comes from years of providing audio technology equipment for recording studios, live tour sound systems, and musicians for their personal use.

With BBE, the technology of the music world, embraced by music professionals around the world, is now available in Buffalo products.

Below: Buffalo Kokuyo Home Page featuring BBE Technology and Music Heritage:

Buffalo realized that the BBE musical heritage is equally important as the BBE audio technologies. That is why the message about BBE's professional success is highly visible on the Buffalo website and the product packaging.

Below: Buffalo Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with BBE High Definition Sound:


Consider the Buffalo Bluetooth Stereo Headphones shown above and right. On both earpieces "BBE High Definition Sound" is highly visible.

Why not the Buffalo name? Because Buffalo knows the true value is in the BBE brand, the BBE heritage, and that consumers will appreciate that Buffalo products deliver the high quality sound which comes with the BBE name.

Below: Buffalo "BBE Sound System" for use with PC, portable audio, TV/DVD and more:

Below: The Buffalo BBE Sound System above is another excellent example:


By utilizing multiple BBE technologies (Process, Lo Contour, and Mach3Bass with Frequency and Level Control), Buffalo was able to provide clear, dynamic sound with rich bass without need for standard tone controls.

The result is a simplified the user interface, while maximizing the potential sound quality of the unit.

Buffalo maintained the focus on the function benefits of the BBE features and the powerful BBE heritage on the product packaging.

David McLaren, BBE Sound Executive Vice President, on the BBE advantage:
We are pleased that Buffalo managers are fully using the potential of BBE to maximize consumer appeal. While we respect the decisions of some manufacturers to emphasize only the sound quality afforded by BBE technology, it is far more powerful to use the BBE heritage in communicating the performance value of the product. This is truly a case where professional technology is now available to the consumer, a message every consumer understands and appreciates.

We have built this reputation over many years, developing and refining audio technology products which have created a worldwide reputation. From recording, broadcast and live sound engineers to the millions of musicians and DJs, the BBE brand is recognized for superior sound quality around the world. These people love what BBE does for their sound.

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