Damon Marks

BBE Supports The Traveling Guitar Foundation

"As a guitarist, songwriter and recording artist, I strongly believe in the importance of being exposed to music at a young age."

Damon Marks, touring guitarist for Alicia Keys and accomplished recording artist, has started The Traveling Guitar Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides musical equipment, clinics and support for schools in districts where music education funding has been reduced drastically or eliminated altogether.

BBE Sound is honored and excited to be a part of this noble cause, and recently spoke with Damon to learn a bit more about it:

"My father, Tony Marks, was an original member of Frankie Valli's first group – The Four Lovers – and a huge influence on my own musical maturation. These experiences have informed my awareness of the importance of music education and served as the motivation for the creation of The Traveling Guitar Foundation.

As a profound medium of artistic expression, music showcases creativity and brings joys to people's lives. Moreover, a meaningful music education nurtures children's intellectual and communal development. As such, my goal is to ensure that school children have access to high-quality musical instruments and instruction at a time when school systems across the country are facing budgetary restraints.

The vision of The Traveling Guitar Foundation is to establish a support network of people dedicated to inspiring children through music education. Working with companies such as BBE Sound to accomplish these goals is part of our mission!"

To donate or simply learn more about The Traveling Guitar Foundation, please visit: