BBE Feature Artist: Elliot Easton

The Cars, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, Elliot Eastons Tiki Gods

Elliot Easton is probably best know as the lead guitarist of legendary 70’s/80’s rockers The Cars. As a member of The Cars in the late 70’s, Elliot’s unique playing laid the foundation what would become the knows as the “new wave” sound.

After years of success with iconic hits like Just What I Needed, Since You’re Gone, You Might Think, and My Best Friend’s Girl, The Cars broke up in 1988.

Despite the breakup, Elliot Easton continued to leave his mark on the world of rock and roll by playing in bands like Creedence Clearwater Revisited, The New Cars, the reunion of The Cars, and most recently Elliot Easton’s Tiki Gods.

As a seasoned musician with years of touring under his belt, Elliot understands the importance of having gear that delivers the tone he wants with the reliability he needs. Is it any coincidence that his pedal board features BBE stompboxes?

His current setup includes the Mind Bender and the Soul Vibe, and word is he's checking out even more BBE stomps to add to his rig.

If you have a chance, check out Elliot Easton’s Tiki Gods on tour. Elliot has always made music fun, so expect a show chock full of crazy guitar hooks and luscious tones, brought to you in part by BBE.

Want to see Elliot's current pedal board? Check it out, the video opens with Elliot firing off his twang-licious solo from My Best Friend's Girl so it's worth a view just for that!