BBE Gear:

  • 482i Sonic Maximizers
  • DI-1000 direct boxes
"The BBE SonicMaximizer is the perfect addition to any head or rig. Using BBE has improved our sound ten fold!"
Matt DeVries, guitar
"Adding this to my 808 hits makes bowels drop."
Chris Spicuzza, electronics
"I wasn't bringing my tone to it's potential until I thickened it up with the BBE 482 Sonic Maximizer. An amp without a BBE is like having a bottle of Crown and no Coke."
Rob Arnold, guitar
"I'm a beefy guy, so when i need to beef up my sound, I use BBE Sonic Maximizers to thicken up my tone."
Jim LaMarca, bass
"The perfect solution to a lack of appreciable low end is simple. I have found that the BBE SonicMaximizer produces the perfect tone for any guitar, bass or even home stereo rig."
Mark Hunter, vocalist