ViVA High Definition Sound

BBE ViVA is a High Definition Sound widening technology for clean center channel output and wider stereo image.

Recommended Applications:

  • TVs – LCDs, PDPs, CRTs
  • DVDs – Portable, HD-DVD
  • PCs – Desktops, Laptops, Sound Cards, Mother Boards

Primary Benefits to Consumers:

  • High Definition Sound technology with widened stereo image
  • Clear speech, ideal for news, movies and sports events
  • Music and sound effects are lifelike and realistic

Primary Benefits to Manufacturers:

  • Superior audio quality with the trusted BBE brand name
  • Low MIPS and BQ required minimal DSP demand
  • Responsive technical support accelerates development time

Functional Overview:

BBE ViVA begins by applying High Definition Sound (HDS) technology to compensate for phase and amplitude distortion, restoring clarity and definition to the two-channel audio signal. This process reveals the natural spatial information carried primarily in the transients and harmonics of the upper frequencies. The sound field expansion (SFE) process then receives the enhanced signal, accentuating the left-most and right-most spatial information to widen the stereo sound-field.