BBE M3 Mobile Audio

BBE M3 Mobile Audio

BBE M3 is a mobile audio technology that restores the sound quality of digitally compressed audio and creates a realistic, more dynamic listening experience.

Recommended Applications:

  • Mobile Phone Entertainment Features – Ring tones,
    TV, MP3, MPEG, DAB

Primary Benefits to Consumers:

  • Restores natural warmth and details lost during digital compression
  • Expands two-channel sound field for a rich, immersive experience
  • Music and ring-tones are lifelike and realistic

Primary Benefits to Manufacturers:

  • Superior audio quality with the trusted BBE brand name
  • Low MIPS and BQ required minimal DSP demand
  • Responsive technical support accelerates development time

Functional Overview:

BBE M3 technology is designed specifically for the entertainment features found on today’s cell phones. It begins with a proprietary Harmonic Restoration (HR) technology to restore warmth and details lost during digital compression of music files. BBE M3 then restores phase/time alignments and recreates the original stereo image and depth of source material to its original levels. Lastly, BBE M3 also widens the left and right channel information, creating a broader stereo image, or sweet spot. Overall, BBE M3 creates a cleaner, more transparent listening experience while reducing ear fatigue, enabling consumers to enjoy their cell phone features longer. Moreover, the user is able to enjoy music at lower volume levels while still retaining the detail in the music, thus reducing battery drain on the cell phone.